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This is the flow cytometry WWW links list located at the Salk Institute CCMI, La Jolla, California.
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MyCyte.org MyCyte.org [Forum] [Blogs] [RSS Feeds] [News] [Events] [Links/Sites] [Products] [Standards] [Education] [Cytometry Abstracts] US-OR contact
Purdue Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories [Cytometry Mailing List] [Flow Cytometry Software] [CD-ROMs project] [Links/Sites] [Protocols] [Suppliers] [Confocal/Microscopy links] [Meetings] [Courses] [Rates Summary Table] [Lecture Slides] [Education/Books] [Images] [Jobs] US-IN J.Paul Robinson
Cancer Research UK LRC Lincoln's Inn Fields [Cell cycle analysis] [Apoptosis] [Functional studies] [Sorting] [Multicolour] [Stem cell analysis] [Data analysis] [Links/Sites] [Laser Scanning Cytometry] [Flow Club] UK Derek Davies
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein College of Medicine Flow Core [About flow] [Instrumentation] [Fluorophores] [Fluorescent Proteins] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] [Rates] NY William King
CytoRelay MPI-Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany:Cell Biochemistry [Links/Sites] [Suppliers] [Cell Function] [Aquatic Links] [Software links/Mailing Lists/FAQs] [Education/Books] [Consensus/Ring Trials] [Microorganisms] [Purdue mailing list mirror] DE Guenter Valet
WEHI WEHI Cytometry Lab [Intro to Flow] [Fluorescence] [Fluors] [Sorter Comparison] [Rates] [FCMDesigner (Java)] [Software] [WEASEL] [Presentations] [Publications] AU *
Aberystwyth University of Wales Institute of Biological Sciences [Links/Sites] [Publications] [Instrumentation] [Software] [Sample Prep] [Microcyte cytometer] [Microbiology] UK Hazel Davey*
Cytonet UK Cardiff, UWCM [Flow basics] [RMS Cytometry] [UK Jobs/Notices] [UK Meetings] [Software:Cylchred] [Links/Sites] [Suppliers] UK Terry Hoy
Salk CCMI Salk Institute for Biological Studies CCMI [Links/Sites] [Compensation Howto] [Fluorochrome Table] [Protocols] [Lasers] [Software] US-CA David Chambers*
TSRI Scripps Research Institute Flow Core [Home] [Turbosort] [Sort Recovery Calculation] [FACStar] / [Vantage jet optimization] [Protocols] [Software:WinMDI] [Sites/Links] US-CA Alan Saluk
IACF Immunology Applications Core Facility, University of Chicago [Technical protocols] [Sort prep] [Protocols] [References] [Rates] {Flash required} US-IL Anne Sperling
WFI St Mary's Imperial College, London [PowerPoint presentations] [Rates] [Sorting] [Flow Course] UK Niga Nawroly
NCI ETI NCI ETI Branch Flow Core [Protocols] [Spectra] [Sorting] [Facscan/Calibur info] [Advanced projects/protocols] [Links/Sites] US-MD Bill Telford
UTMD MD Anderson Cancer Center Cell and Tissue Analysis Core [Flow] [Protocols] [Quantitative] [Side Population] [More Protocols] [Compensation] [Links/Sites] US-TX Ellen Richie
Berkeley UC Cancer Research Lab [Flow Basics] [Compensation] [Rates] [Instrumentation] [links/Sites] US-CA Hector Nolla
ISAC International Society for Analytical Cytology [Cytometry journal] [Conferences] [Tutorial material] [FCS 3.0] [Biosafety] [Software] US *
Fluorophores.org Fluorescent dyes database [About] [Browse] [Links/Sites] Austria Torsten Mayr
MD Anderson Flow Cytometry and Cellular Imaging Core [Rates] [Protocols] TX Michael Andreeff
IFR Institute of Food Research, Norwich [Equipment] [Links/Sites] UK Roy Bongaerts
Olomouc Institute of Experimental Botany Molecular Cytogenetics and Cytometry [Flow protocols] [Flow Cytometry with plant cells [DNA Flow cytometry] [Plant protocols] [Plant DNA cytometry standards] CZ Jaroslav Dolezel
Roswell Park Roswell Park Cancer Institute Laboratory of Flow Cytometry [About] [Software] [Services/Rates] [Instrumentation] [Courses/Powerpoint slides] [Programs/Outreach] [Links/Sites] US-NY Paul Wallace
Stanford Herzenberg Laboratory [Protocols] [FACS Development Group] US-CA David Parks
Stanford Shared FACS Facility [Flow overview] [Rates][SOPs]] [Instruments/Fluors] [Documentation] [User Guides] US-CA David Parks
UIowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center [Flow fundamentals] [Protocols] [Rates] US-IA Justin Fishbaugh
Baylor Houston [Instruments] [Rates] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] US-TX Joel Sederstrom
Beth Israel Flow Cytometry and Sorting Facility [Core] [Policies] [Rates] [Links/Sites] US-MA John Tigges
Bremen Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology [Overview] [Links/Sites] DE Bernhard Fuchs
HSS Fannie E. Rippel Foundation [Instrumentation] [Rates] US-NY Sergei Rudchenko
CTEGD University of Georgia [Overview] [Instruments] [Rates] [Links/Sites] US-GA Julie Nelson
HUGTiP Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol [Applications] [Links/Sites] [Rates] [Journals/Books] ES Marco Fernández
IMMAG Medical College of Georgia Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics [Instrumentation] [Guidelines] [Rates] [Links/Sites] US-GA Leszek Ignatowicz
Kiel Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Westküste [Phytoplankton] [Flow Overview] [Sorting Overview] [Links/Sites] DE Marcus Reckermann
LSU Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine [Instruments] [Rates] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] US-LA *
Penn SDM University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine [Flow Primer] [Protocols] [Links] [Rates] US-PA Bruce Shenker, Mark Miller
AEFCG Australian Environmental Flow Cytometry Group] [Research] AU Andrew Boyd
SUNY USB Research Flow Cytometry Core [Overview] [Rates] [Links/Sites] [Clinical] US-NY Marc Golightly
UAMS University of Arkansas Microbiology and Immunology Flow Core [Overview] [Rates] [Links/Sites] [Protocols] US-AR  
UCLA Janis V. Giorgi Flow Cytometry Core [Protocols] [Biosafety] [Rates] [Policies] US-CA Michael Gulrajani
UPCI University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute [Worksheets] [Rates] [Links/Sites] [Presentations] US-PA Albert Donnenberg
Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine [Protocols] [Sample Prep] [Rates] [Software] US-NY Lavanya G Sayam
Bern University of Bern Department of Clinical Research Flow Cytometry Lab [Overview] [Links/Sites] [Flow Course] CH Claudio Vallan
Calgary University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine [Overview] [Links/Sites] [Rates] CA John Reynolds
Hopkins CFAR Center for AIDS Research [Overview] [FAQ] [Links/Sites] US-MD J.B. Margolick
Iowa State Flow Cytometry Facility [Protocols] [Links/Sites] US-IA Shawn Rigby
Mario Roederer   [Compensation Tutorial] [Antibody Conjugation] US-CA *
McMaster McMaster University Flow Facility [Links] [Facscan Operation] [Rates] CA Denis Snider*
MIT Flow Cytometry Core Facility [Rates] [Protocols] [Links] US-MA Glen Paradis
Newcastle University of Newcastle Department of Surgery [Description] [Research] [Courses] [Links] UK Brian Shenton
NIAMS IRP National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases [Protocols] [FRET] [Links/Sites] US-MD Liusheng He
OHRI Ottowa Health Research Institute [Overview] [Rates] [Links/Sites] CA Pearl Campbell
Prague Institute of Botany, AS CR [Plant FCM] [Plant DNA] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] CZ Jan Suda
Princeton Princeton University Flow Cytometry Core [Instruments] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] US-NJ Christina DeCoste
Rockerfeller FCRC Flow Cytometry Resource Center [Rates] [Operation/Tips] [Instruments] US-NY Svetlana Mazel
Roscoff Station Biologique de Roscoff, France [Phytoplankton] [Software:CytoWin] FR Dominique Marie
RRC University of Illinois at Chicago [Description] [Protocol links] [Rates] US-IL Karen Hagen
Sheffield University of Sheffield Division of Genomic Medicine Core Cytometry [Rates] [Protocols] [Links/Sites] UK Olivia Smith
TIG Therapeutic Immunology Group, Dunn School, Oxford [Protocols] [Tutorials] [Instrument operation] UK Steve Cobbold
UCHC UCONN Health Center Flow Facility [Instruments] [Protocols] [About Flow] [Rates] [Links/Sites] [Presentations] US-CT Gene Pizzo
UMN University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center [Protocols] [links/Sites] US-MN Julie Pribyl
Urbana-Champaign University of Illinois Biotechnology Center Flow Cytometry Facility [Cytokines] [Apoptosis] [Links] US-IL Barbara Pilas
UVa University of Virginia Flow Cytometry Core Facility [Protocols] [FAQs] [Rates] US-VA Joanne Lannigan
Amsterdam Microscopy and Cytometry Software: Ron Hoebe [Software:Flow Explorer] [Refresh Ratio] [List Math] NL Ron Hoebe
NECyt New England Cytometry [Tutorials/Presentations] [Biosafety] [Links/Sites] [Jobs] [BBG] [Mailing List] [Meetings] US-MA Richard Konz
Caltech Flow Cytometry Facility [Policies/Rates] [Links/Sites] US-CA Ellen Rothenberg, Rochelle Diamond
HMDS Leeds Flow Cytometry [Flow Overview] [Fluorochromes] UK *
Frank J. Jochem   [Oceanography] [Phytoplankton] DE *
Keith Bahjat   [Antibody Crossreactivity Resource] US-FL *
Newcastle FACS University of Newcastle Biomolecular Research Facility [Description] [Rates] AU Ken Beagley
NFCR National Flow Cytometry Resource [Overview/Research] US-NM Jim Freyer
Novosibirsk Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion, Novosibirsk, Russia [Scanning Flow Cytometry] [Flying Light Scattering] RU Valeri P. Maltsev
UCSD UCSD Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Resource [Protocols] [Rates] US-CA Dennis Young
Umass/Amherst Facility closed 2000 [MFI Software] US-MA Eric Martz*
UMass/Worcester Core Flow Lab [Instrumentation] [Rates] [Links/Sites] [Protocols] US-MA Richard Konz
UNM Cytometry Bioengineering Consortium [Bioengineering Consortium] [High Throughput] US-NM Larry Sklar
UNM University of New Mexico Shared Flow Cytometry Resource [High Throughput] [Rates] US-NM Bruce Edwards
Utah cores.utah.edu [Sorting] [Rates] [Links/Sites] US-UT  
UWashington Immunology University of Washington Immunology Cell Analysis Facility [Protocols] [Rates] US-WA Michele Black
Birmingham University of Birmingham Animal Cell Technology Group [Links/Sites] UK P. Holmes

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